Wave-type auxiliary heater installation consideration

1, although a thermal protector is equipped with a thermal protector, it is possible to automatically cut off the power, but only in the case of wind in the air, it must be avoided.Before the heating, the relevant components should be checked in a normal state to ensure that the fan is running normally, and the electric heater can be put into use, thereby eliminating the possibility of unhealthy-free super high temperature, suggestions and fan associations.2, the power supply voltage must be equal to the electric heater portable electric heater voltage, and the main power of the electric heater shall be provided separately.Electric heater must be properly connected to the control circuit can be put into use. 3, although the auxiliary electric heater has a variety of protective devices, but should check all of the terminals before use.To do a good job to protect security.

4, electric heater into the air inlet end needs to be installed, and the filter is cleaned, and various foreign matter enters damage to the electric heating tube or affects the life and heat dissipation performance of the electric heat pipe.

5, the terminal should be given to a distance of not less than one meter, facilitate maintenance and maintenance.

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