Keep Cognizant – Wisely Utilize Your 5 Senses. Nature Will Embrace Your Presence of Mind With Joy

I believe they do, yet not in the way you might assume. A tree, a rock or pond of water does not rest as well as think as we do. They do not place ideas together or resolve troubles as we do. They are, nonetheless, able to react to our outreach when we focus our powers and open up to their specific vibrations and also distinct manner of interaction. They talk ‘tree’, or ‘rock’ or ‘water’ instead of Spanish or English. They speak through their one-of-a-kind regularities; they speak vigorously.

All mass has energy. Each mass is composed Crystal Infused water of a distinct mix of regularities. As a mass of energies these motionless items have the awareness of their details and also unique mix of frequencies. Rocks, trees as well as water can connect with you. they resonate their vibrations that are then translated right into concepts by each of us. It therefore shows up that we are chatting as well as in energised terms, we are.

I was motivated to write this post after checking out a meeting with Prof. Masaru Emoto, well-known for his phenomenal photographs of water crystals. I enjoy as well as entirely sustain his ground-breaking photographic job. It aesthetically demonstrates the fact of the energetic realm through photos of frozen water particles and the result of our thoughts on the environment. I do not agree, however, with his analysis of the consciousness of motionless objects. Prof Emoto says … “Water shows the awareness of the human race”.

By contrast, I think that each water crystal has an unique frequency and also is able to reflect to us the details awareness or the vibration of that crystal. Some water crystals are exceptionally stunning, symmetric and harmonious, while others are off-balance, altered as well as even hideous. I view the different discussions as representations of the vibrations caused by the state of being of that specific water crystal. Is it clean, clear, blessed or instilled with love and light, producing a beautiful image or is it harmful – distorted by chemicals, physical trash or upset as well as hoggish ideas producing a repulsive photo?

Prof Emoto takes place to state that “Water crystals are spirits” and that “We (humans) traveled here to Earth on the water crystals of balls of ice …” While a beautiful story to discuss something that is strange and complex. I think his theory is just that – ‘a beautiful story’ for something he does not understand.

Trees, rocks and water all have their very own special frequencies and they communicate through those vibrations.

I love ‘talking to trees’. I have a couple of favored trees in various nations worldwide. When I am drawn to a particular tree, I will certainly place my temple as well as hands on the trunk of the tree, say a little prayer to clear as well as tranquil myself and tune in to the vibrations of the tree. Probably the most terrific experience of this happened in India. I was with a wonderful Indian Overview at the Arboretum in Delhi. This was the first stop in a day-long trip. I was very surprised to be accompanied to the gardens as opposed to any type of variety of holy places or other traveler websites. He was taking me to what he called, ‘The Wonderful Tree’ – an one-of-a-kind tree each of whose fallen leaves was a different shape! I did not want to think, however I did see this tree with my very own eyes. It does exist. I was fascinated, interested, and also interested. I wished to recognize. I put my head versus the trunk of the tree, tuned in as well as asked for an explanation. Words I listened to in my head touched me deeply and also brought tears to my eyes. The tree shared that it created several kinds of fallen leaves to engender a gratitude of differences in all who saw it. A glorious idea! My irrefutable experience that trees (and also rocks and water) do have awareness …

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